Tomas Kucera

Born in the Czech Republic, I started my career as a software developer (an obvious job for a technically oriented introvert) after getting my master’s degree from the Czech Technical University. But it didn’t last. I earned my MBA from Nottingham Trent University and trained as a professional coach at Erickson College. Within a couple of years, I was fully immersed in management, and I dedicated my life to leadership, coaching, and helping others succeed.

I have built, led, coached, and mentored teams in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, the Philippines, India, and the USA. My passion for meeting people from other cultures and helping them grow and succeed has never left me. I have lived in several countries and love to travel in my free time, with Africa, Asia, and South America being my favorite destinations.

Quiet Success - Tomas Kucera

Quiet Success

Whether you feel dissatisfied with your career, feel like your job has no meaning, or have no idea where your life is going, this book will help you find the right path and have a successful career. You will learn about your strengths and values, will discover what is critical for a successful career, and will explore what options are available to you. The Quiet Success Sweet Spot concept introduced here provides a framework to help you get a handle on how to get the most from your job and the satisfaction you deserve. Build upon your introvert’s strengths and adopt the Quiet Success Principles for a holistic approach toward your career. In this book, you will learn about skills, attitudes, and behaviors that will help you accelerate your career and allow you to reach your Quiet Success.

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